Environmental Protection Department

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To envision a safe and sustainable environment for Tribal Citizens to dwell, work, recreate and subsist on.

Function Statement

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) develops tribal programs to protect human health, protect the environment and implement plans related to solid waste and forest management as well as fire protection.

Strategic Goals

Cultural Preservation

Nim traditional ecological knowledge is utilized in planning, protection, restoration and preservation efforts. Protection and preservation of cultural resources is extremely important to the tribe. With this in mind the tribe has developed a unique program where Tribal Citizens are trained to be Cultural Monitors.

Solid Waste and Recycling

EPD coordinates with agencies and other organizations to remove solid wastes (cars, tires, washers/dryers, etc) for our tribal community.

Natural Resources

Water is an important element in the tribal community. Using only what you need has been a long standing practice of the Nim. Conservation is ongoing and keeping properties clean of litter and hazardous waste will keep the watershed healthy.


The Committee is comprised of Tribal Citizens who provide traditional ecological knowledge to protect tribal resources and provides guidance to EPD on policy and programs.


Christina McDonald, Environmental Director (559)877-2461 Ext 103

Katie Parra, Administrative Assistant (559)877-2461 Ext 101