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Temporary Assistance to Needy Families




Mission Statement

To preserve and strengthen Indian children and families in becoming self-sufficient through education, work and cultural activities. Assist clients to find tools and skills to guide them to healthy productive lives.


  • Increase the employ-ability of needy families.
  • Increase employment opportunities for Native American families through job training and skill development.
  • To better prepare and educate for healthy and planned pregnancies
  • Encourage healthy and stable two parent Indian families.

What is Tribal TANF?

Tribal TANF is a federal and state funded program that provides time-limited assistance to needy families with children, in an effort for those children to be cared for in their homes or in the homes of relatives. The Tribal TANF program was created by Native Americans to provide cash aid assistance and supportive services to meet the specific needs of Native American families. Tribal TANF is designed with the flexibility to address and focus on a variety of positive cultural traditions.

Service Areas

North Fork Rancheria Tribal TANF Program service areas include:

  • Fresno County - Serving ONLY North Fork Rancheria Tribal Citizens
  • Madera County - Serving all Federally Recognized Native American Citizens
  • Mariposa County - Serving all Federally Recognized Native American Citizens
  • Merced County - Serving all Federally Recognized Native American Citizens