Second Edition

Compiled and Edited by

Rosalie Bethel

Paul V. Kroskrity

Christopher Loether

Gregory A. Reinhardt

Completely corrected, updated and revised by

Christopher Loether and Rosalie Bethel

(C) 1993


Notes regarding the creation of this PDF

In November of 2011 Michelle Sonoqui Gillete Purchased the Taitaduhaan CD and discovered the format was too old to play on her computer. She also contacted Dr. Paul Kroskrity, the UCLA Professor who helped create the Dictionary of Western Mono. Michelle found that copies of the dictionary were rare and not for sale at the time.

Michelle then contacted me to see if I could get the CD to play. In this process I was told that the dictionary was not available in electronic form. With Michelle’s encouragement I too contacted Dr. Kroskrity in late 2011, his email reply:

Dear Michelle and Josh,

Please feel free to attempt to upgrade the cd-rom. You’ll need to acknowledge all the authorship rights and acknowledge the publisher (U Oklahoma) but this would be great if it can now be made playable on the latest pc and mac platforms. As for the dictionary –if it is not one that says that it is revised and corrected on the cover and or first few pages, then it is not the most recent and most useful dictionary to digitize. Please make sure we are using only the best available edition. If you want to send me scans of the first 5 pages including the title page, I can definitively figure this out. You have my “blessing”, that is my permission, to proceed with both of these projects. I wonder if Josh would like to work with me on a further project–one that would put this cd-rom on a Mono website so that it might be web-available to community members. I am interested in doing this and expanding the current one by adding performances by men who still speak the language. I was thinking Gaylen Lee might be someone who could provide some stories or songs that could be rendered in the way that I have done with the performances provided by the late Rosalie Bethel.

Please let me know what I can do. We have audio-tape recordings of all the examples used in our last edition of the dictionary–this could also be made into an on-line digital direction. I’m glad to see that there is a great deal of potential progress in your plans. I look forward to hearing from your as this project progresses.

All the best, Paul

Paul V. Kroskrity Professor of Anthropology Chair, American Indian Studies, UCLA

Over 2012 I tried unsuccessfully to locate a second edition copy that I could scan. In early 2013 I was generously loaned a copy from the Tribal Office of the North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians by Tribal Chairperson Elaine Bethel-Fink (with encouragement from her grandson, Dillon, who knows me).

Starting in March of 2013, I proceeded to scan and convert one page at a time over the next six months. In doing so I discovered 13 pages were missing. With the help of Dr. Kroskrity I was sent the missing pages which I added to the paper dictionary and include in this PDF.

The PDF was completed January 13th, 2014. In presenting the completed work back to the Tribal Council, Miner Mossman built a beautiful wooden case for the dictionary, with one of Michelle’s paintings of Manzanita berries framed on the cover.

Wishing success to all who use this PDF of the Second Edition of A Dictionary of Western Mono,

Joshua M. Freeman