To carry out the responsibilities of enrollment as deemed necessary by the Tribe’s Constitution, Enrollment Statute and General Council Resolutions and Motions. To protect the information provided for and by tribal citizens; to assist citizens with integrity, accuracy and the utmost respect of confidentiality.

Function Statement

To process all enrollment applications to verify eligibility for citizenship and to provide and ensure the accuracy of enrollment data. Upon completion of application processing, the Enrollment Department will issue Tribal Identification cards.

The Enrollment Department makes an effort to notify tribal citizens of important information regarding their files and upcoming events. In order to keep contact information current and maintain accurate tribal enrollment records, we ask you inform us of the following:

  • Address change
  • Name change due to marriage or divorce (provide a copy of the marriage license or divorcee decree)
  • Death of a tribal member (provide a copy of the death certificate)
  • The birth of a child (must complete the application process for the child before the age of 2 years)


Email: nfrenroll@nfr-nsn.gov

Enrollment Committee: (559)877-2461 Ext 2126